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General Policies


  • SELL bonus is only applied when the book’s value is $7 or greater.
  • Codes and bonuses can only be applied every 30 days.

Buyback Appraisals

  • Appraisal given are valid for 90 days. Books received after that time period will require a new appraisal.
  • Appraisers hold the right to deny service to customers that are disrespectful or use hateful language.

Book Donations

  • Large book donations in Utah may qualify for a tax deductible, please reach out to a representative for more information.
  • Books can be dropped off for donation at any Bookdrop or donation bin.

Dropping Off Books

  • To receive payment, the drop-off of books must be verified with a simple video. Videos can be sent to the number where the initial appraisal was received or email.

Books Not Accepted

  • Writing, markings, or highlighting on multiple pages
  • Workbooks, lab manuals, study guides with markings on more than 6 pages
  • Moisture or any water damage, mold, staining
  • Cigarette smell or any other strong odor
  • Torn cover or pages
  • Filled out tests or exams on any pages
  • If a book comes with a CD or other supplementary materials, they must be included in usable condition
  • Missing pages or pages which are mixed or falling out
  • Books which have any of the following markings anywhere on the cover or inside: ‘Free copy’; ‘promotional copy’; ‘complimentary copy’; ‘sample edition’; ‘exam copy’; ‘not for resale’; ‘not for sale’; ‘preliminary edition’; ‘uncorrected proof’
  • Ripped, detached, or broken spine or binding. All pages need to be firmly attached to the binding
  • Access cards with used or visible access codes. Protective layer of the code should be in the original condition
  • Books which do not comply with U.S. copyright laws or do not have a copyright page
  • Books authenticity of which cannot be confirmed
  • Barcode and ISBN should be printed on the book, not on a sticker
  • Instructor’s, teacher or professional editions


  • Payments are usually issued within 3 business days after order processing. Sometimes payment may take longer due to banking delays etc.
  • BookDrop is not responsible for incorrect payment information provided during order submission.
  • Final quotes cannot be higher than the initial ones.

Counterfeit Books

  • The matter of counterfeit textbooks is taken very seriously by us since each item received at our facility is inspected carefully and thoroughly in accordance with the required guidelines on the basis of the US Code prohibiting the illegal distribution of counterfeit copies. A counterfeit book is an unauthorized copy, imitation or replica of an original copyrighted book, produced by some source other than the identified and authorized publisher/copyright holder or licensee.
  • By participating in our buyback program a user guarantees and provides a warrant that any item sent to us is a legitimate copy. If the authenticity of the item sent to our facility for a buyback program cannot be verified and/or the item in question has any signs of being a counterfeit copy, a user acknowledges that no payment is issued for such an item. A user also approves that no return of any item that is determined and/or considered to be counterfeit or fraudulent is possible since such copies are eligible for confiscation and forwarding to the relevant publisher for investigation. If the publisher determines the book is indeed counterfeit, such an item is subject to further immediate disposal without any objection; in such a case, we may be required to specify source information to the publisher. If the publisher determines that the item is a legitimate copy, the user will receive the originally quoted payment in full.
  • The account of the user is subject to immediate disabling in case counterfeit books are detected in a user’s buyback order without any possibility to be re-activated. All items quoted become the property of BookDrop without any possibility of return and payment.If the user creates an additional account and places a buyback order to avoid the system banning, BookDrop reserves the right to confiscate the items received without any return and payment accordingly.


  • We will do our best to resolve any controversy or dispute that you may have with us in a satisfactory manner. If we are unable to resolve any such dispute, then either party shall submit such controversy or dispute to mediation. If the dispute cannot be resolved through mediation, then the parties shall be free to pursue any right or remedy available to them under applicable law.