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Frequently Asked Questions

Does BookDrop buy books nationwide?

Yes, we do buy books nationwide.

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How/when do I get paid for my books?

We prefer to pay our bulk partners through ACH transfer, but we can also do check or PayPal if needed.

Depending on your organization’s preference, we can work with you to pay you prior to picking up material, or immediately after picking up material. We are very flexible in this regard, and we will always pay you on time.

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How do I donate books to BookDrop?

If you are part of a thrift store, library, or other non-profit organization, please email us at to schedule a pick up of your material.

If you are an individual who has a large amount of books to donate please also email us at

How long has BookDrop been in business?

BookDrop has been in business since 2018. We started out as a company purchasing college books from students in Utah, but over time our business shifted to purchasing books in bulk to help out libraries, thrift stores, and other non-profits. We currently process more than 1 million books monthly and give these books new homes.

We have over 1,000 Google Reviews with a 5-star Average.

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How much are my organization's books worth?

The amount we pay organizations can vary largely based on multiple factors, including the quality of the books, geographic location, and your organization’s capacity to store large amounts of books.

Generally we can pay the most when books have never been scanned or placed out in front of brick-and-mortar customers or sold through your own e-commerce platforms because much of the valuable material will have already been sold under these circumstances.

We can also pay more if your organization is able to hold a full semi-truck load of books at once, and has the ability to load the truck with a forklift. This saves us massively on transportation costs. When books need to be picked up more frequently with smaller amounts, transportation can be tricky and expensive, especially if your organization doesn’t have a dock or loading equipment. However, even in this case, we would still love to find a solution to save those books from the landfill and give them a new home!

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Is BookDrop legit and where can I find reviews?

We have over 1,000 Google Reviews with a 5-Star Average! You can read them here: Google Reviews

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Is BookDrop a non-profit?

No, BookDrop is a for-profit organization; however, we do have a mission to divert books from the landfill and improve literacy, as well as providing fulfilling jobs to our fantastic team members. We are proud of our team and mission.

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