Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know BookDrop is legit and where can I find reviews?

We have 500+ Google Reviews with a 5-Star average! You can see all our reviews by clicking this link: Google Reviews

How much are my books worth?

We hope to give you lots of money for your books and we have a price-match guarantee for competitors! No matter what books you have, please send us a picture of them, and we are more than happy to give you a quote!

The value of a book depends on multiple factors, including: edition (publishers release a new edition of each book every 2-4 years), condition, online price, and if the books includes the access code. We also buy many loose-leaf books!

There are some books we cannot buy due to resale limitations. But any books you’d like to donate that we can’t sell will be given to schools in Africa (click this link to learn more)!

How/when will I receive my payment?

After you receive a quote for your books from one of our reps, please drop them off in the BookDrop Bin located nearest to you. Then, we will pay you directly to your phone through your choice of Venmo, PayPal, or Direct Bank Transfer. We will send your payment within 1-2 days after drop-off!

Where/when do I drop-off my books?

After you receive a quote for your books from one of our reps, drop them off in one of our BookDrop Bins nearest to you. You can see our list of locations by clicking here: BookDrop Bin Locations

If there are no locations near you, we can send you a pre-paid mailing label so you can ship them to our warehouse!

How long will it take to receive a quote for my books?

We will give you a quote for your books within 24-hours! We don’t give any quotes on Sundays (and some Saturdays). If you send a picture of your books after 5pm, expect to have them appraised the next day 🙂