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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I donate books to BookDrop?

You can donate your books to us by dropping them off in one of our BookDrop drop-off bins . Or if you have a larger amount of books that you’d like to donate, you can text or call (801) 406-7398 to schedule a free pickup.

What does BookDrop do with donated books?

All books that you donate to us, will either be recycled, resold, or given to charities in need of books (such as Books for Africa & Deseret Industries). Every book will find a new home, whether that’s a new reader or being recycled into a new product! 

Can I get a tax deduction for books that I donate?

You cannot get a tax deduction for donated books.

Despite donating and recycling the vast majority of books given to us (over 90%), BookDrop is a for-profit company.

Do you accept all books as donations?

We accept all books as donations! 🙂

(but please no magazines, newspapers, tabloids, etc.)

Does BookDrop ever pay for books?

While we accept all books as donations, we can only pay for some books that have a high resell value, such as recent edition textbooks and other specialty books. Text “SELL” to (801) 406-7398 to get a quote for these types of high-value books.

What if there is not a drop-off bin near me?

If there is no drop-off bin near you, please give us a call at (801) 406-7398 to schedule a pickup for when we are in your area. If you live far away from places we operate, a pickup might not be possible.