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Frequently Asked Questions

How/when do I get paid for my books?

After we give you a quote for your books and you drop them off in one of our bins, we will send you a payment form where you can enter your Venmo or PayPal information. We will pay you within 1 business day of dropping off your books!

Where do I drop off my books?

After you receive a quote for your books, you can drop them off at any of our drop-box locations. See all locations here: Drop-Box Locations

How do I donate books to BookDrop?

You can donate your books to us by dropping them off in one of our BookDrop drop-off bins . Or if you have a larger amount of books that you’d like to donate, you can text or call (801) 406-7398 to schedule a free pickup.

How much are my books worth?

We want to pay you as much as we can! The worth of your books depends on various factors, including:

Edition: Publishers come out with new textbook editions every 1-4 years for most textbooks. We can pay the most for more recent editions.

Condition: We are able to pay more for books in better condition (without writing, highlighting, water damage, cover damage, etc).

Counterfeits & Teacher’s Editions:  We cannot buy back any books that are counterfeit or teacher’s editions.


Is BookDrop legit and where can I find reviews?

We have 0ver 750 Google Reviews with a 5-Star Average! You can read them here: Google Reviews

How can I tell if my textbook is a counterfeit?

Visit to find out the harm that counterfeit books cause and for more information on how to tell if your book is a counterfeit.